Private Track

    We have worked hard for you, let us give you a few ideas and features how to use Track Rally with the full potential.


    Timebased Events

    Turn on and off checkpoints on the map based on time. Lunch time? Show the best restaurants in town. Competition time? Create a rally for your members.



    The most important thing about this type is that eeeverything is private. Adding your own specific questions, descriptions, images and knowing that your photos are only visible for invited members makes all the difference.



    Give the members all the info they need for the event. Fun facts of the city, bus/flight transfers, etc. You can also send direct push messages to any member or group!



    Every photo each member take during the Events is collected into the Photostream. Photos with comments make all the difference for a great event. Export tools supplied!

    Still hesitating?
    Please contact us and let us explain more!

Släpp mig på rätt plats.

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Mark the area for your Checkpoint above.

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