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    Hi! We are GEO EVENTURE,

    we have a surprise!

    Let's say you had a tool at your disposal

    With which Your Teams could embark on an adventure. With which they competed for honor and glory and learned something new, saw something new and most importantly, created new memories together. Track Rally Event is Team Building made fun, with minimal preparations.

    The rules are dead simple, the Team that scores the most points and find the most Checkpoints within a set time period WINS!

    This Magical tool works like this


    1. You mark specific areas on a map

    make circles or any area you can surround with lines

    By searching you find your spots easy, just click and mark!

    2. You add Questions, images or texts to the Areas

    make the spot special and personal

    Add specific questions your Team should discuss about, or focus on the surroundings. You are in charge!

    3. Invite Members and Create the Teams

    no success alone

    Invite all your members with one click, set up the Teams, get notified when they register and set the start and stop time for your event.

    4. Done! You are ready to Smile!

    just sit back and enjoy the show

    Your Teams will now embark on an adventure in which they compete for honor and glory. They will learn something new, see something new and most importantly, create new memories together.

    The rules are dead simple, the Team that scores the most points within a set time period wins! Everyone can follow each other progress in the Photo Stream and Top list.

    Use the Lobby as the Event hub

    you as the Track creator can make the event something extra by

    • Inviting and creating your Teams a few days before the Event
      • They can socialize in the Lobby, familiarize themselves with the App, contact each other and hype up your event in the Photo Stream.
    • Be active during the event and send out Push messages.
      • It can be anything from saying it’s Lunch time to inform that the flight is delayed, use it as your information megaphone.
    • After the event, export the data!
      • Make sure to show off your new success story, you will have all Photos and Toplists at your disposal.

    I'm convinced!

    (it's free to try out)
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TrackRally Map

Set position!

Mark the area for your Checkpoint above.

Mark the area for your Checkpoint above.

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